Most of the activity that Sierra de Codex (Cien por Cien PATA NEGRA S.L.) carries out takes place in and around the Tormes River, in the foothills of the Gredos Sierra. On one of the banks of the river, among the hillsides of the Gredos Sierra foothills the town of La Tala is to be found: a small municipality located in the southeastern area of the province of Salamanca, where our original factory is located, currently basically dedicated to the preparation, manipulation and distribution of fresh Ibérico pork.

It is precisely from this rather tiny population, about one hundred altogether, that our products currently travel off to a great number of countries around the world.



Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, England and China


On the opposite bank of the Tormes River, only eleven kilometers away in a straight line, we encounter Guijuelo. Guijuelo, thanks to its unique microclimate, is the major Spanish production centre for cured Ibérico pig products. Thus the reason why our natural drying sheds are located right in Guijuelo, along with the cellars for the Ibérico Hams and Shoulder Hams, and of course for all our other cured products.

Then we have our cutting rooms and salting chambers, identified as the most avant-garde to be found in the industry, perfectly combining with our natural drying sheds located in the outskirts of Guijuelo.

The activity carried out by the company Cien por Cien Pata Negra, S.L. started in the year 2009. Although it may appear to be a recently created company, our family has actually been dedicated to agriculture and livestock forever; and in that pertaining to the Ibérico industry, we have been fully immersed in the same since 1990, thus allowing us to boast tremendous knowledge of the sector itself.