Current Affairs

4 May, 2022

Sierra de Codex, more sustainable every day

In recent weeks we have installed 220 solar panels with a power of 120,000 watts at our plant in La Tala, dedicated to the preparation of […]
29 July, 2021

Summer is the perfect time for Ibérico Hamburgers!

Our fine Ibérico meats will allow you to enjoy a variety of delightful cuts, ranging from a succulent steak right through to a deliciously simple hamburger […]
4 December, 2020

Looking to celebrate, look no further… Ibérico Tenderloin Wellington

To celebrate is to enjoy. And could there be anything better than Ibérico Tenderloin Wellington so that the festivities at the table will include all things […]
22 September, 2020

Ibérico Ham: Source of Zinc

According to studies carried out by the Technological Center on Meat  (Centro Tecnológico de la Carne),100 g of Ibérico Ham provides up to 36% of daily […]
5 February, 2020

The Extraordinary Montanera (Free-Range Period) 2019-2020

With January now over the time has come to truly appreciate and evaluate this campaign’s Fabulous Montanera (free-range period). This year we have no doubt whatsoever […]
18 November, 2019

Sierra de Codex Christmas Table

The most festive days of the year are quickly approaching and with them all the possibilities to surprise and delight your loved ones: Christmas, New Year’s, […]
3 October, 2019

It’s October, and with October comes the montanera

It is with the arrival of October that the montanera (free-range period) officially kicks off. This is that period of time when the Ibérico pigs free-range […]
8 August, 2019

Summer Pairing: Classic and Surprising

Who of us has not enjoyed a frothy glass of beer while relaxing in a summer sidewalk cafe? Well here you have the perfect star pairing […]
8 July, 2019

Heat, essential in the curing of an Ibérico Acorn Fed Ham

Summer is upon us at our cellars and drying sheds for Ibérico Acorn Fed Ham. And with its arrival an essential stage of its curing is […]
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