Abanico Ibérico

(Ibérico Fan Cut)

Abanico Ibérico (Ibérico Fan Cut)

The Abanico Ibérico is a fine, highly marbled cut that can be consumed whole, sliced or even cut into small cube like portions. Its name arises from the shape of the muscle that makes up the same, which is similar to the shape of a hand or an open hand fan. Its meat is very tasty and juicy, perfect for charcoal barbequing or simply grilled.

Also barbequing or grilling is a perfect choice because of the meat’s marbling, although it can also be included in a variety of dishes. Stews, rice dishes, cooked dishes, skewers or kebabs,… And don’t forget to keep all its fat on during its cooking. It is precisely in its fat marbling where a great part of the magic of its flavor is to be found.

This product is made up by the external wrapping of the ribs. It is a relatively thin piece of meat, yet highly fat marbled.

  • Allergen free
  • Fresh product
  • Frozen product

Valor energético 291 Kcal/100g
1208 KJ/100g
Grasas 23.0g/100g
de las cuales ácidos grasos saturados 8.0g/100g
Hidratos de carbono 1.6g/100g
de los cuales azúcares 0.7g/100g
Proteínas 19.4g/100g
Sal 0.14g/100g

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