Extra Ibérico Secreto

Secreto Ibérico o Cruceta Ibérica

The Extra Ibérico Secreto, also known as Cruceta Ibérica is one of the pork cuts with the greatest amount of fat marbling. This is the reason why it is extremely mellow and tender. This is also the reason why it has been consumed for years on end unlike other pork cuts that have recently come into fashion.

It is perfect for charcoal grilling or simply grilled, as it is with the heat that it will gradually render the marbled fat and reach that exact point that the chef is looking for.

Muscle located in the area of the cervical collar with quite a bit of fat marbling. Located behind the shoulder ham and underneath the lard that makes up the animal’s outer layer.

  • Allergen free
  • Fresh product
  • Frozen product

Valor energético 262 Kcal/100g
1087 KJ/100g
Grasas 21.2g/100g
de las cuales ácidos grasos saturados 8.2g/100g
Hidratos de carbono 0.7g/100g
de los cuales azúcares < 0.5 g/100g
Proteínas 17.1g/100g
Sal 0.15g/100g

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